Mike is a playful and professional MC who uses his mix of fun team building and facilitation skills to Energize, Engage and Connect attendees.


Mike believes conferences are more than just an 'Information Dump' - They're an opportunity to:

  • Improve Performance

  • Build Relationships

  • Increase Loyalty

  • Motivate Your Team

  • Create an Engaged and Committed Workplace

With over 20 years experience in Learning and Development, ‘Action Based Learning’ and an expert in ‘Group Engagement’, Mike will keep us on track, working towards achieving your outcomes, all while having an bit of fun along the way!


You can find out more about Mike at

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Future Crunch are part of a global movement of scientists, technologists, hackers and creatives that think there are new and better ways of doing things in the 21st century. Their expertise ranges from politics, economics, and bioinformatics to design, art and music. They use their diverse knowledge to provide unexpected perspectives on the world, through the lenses of science, technology and social
theory. Their mission is to foster intelligent, optimistic thinking about the future, and to empower people to contribute to it.

Future Crunch appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International

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Speed Skater Steven Bradbury collected the most unlikely, unthinkable gold medal in the history of the Olympics. Australia's first Winter Olympic Gold medal !  Steven tells an amazingly inspirational story of triumph over adversity, of how he underwent years of obsessive training, pain, setbacks, sacrifice and life threatening injuries and of how he armed himself with the information and tools he needed to achieve this amazing success. 


As the Swedish-Australian founder of Thinkque, Anders Sorman-Nilsson (LLB MBA) has become a valued strategist to Fortune 500s and ASX leaders, converting provocative questions into proactive, predictive strategies. A global thought leader since 2005, Anders works across four continents as a speaker, futurist and author.

Anders is regularly featured in BRW, ABC National Radio, The Financial Review, Qantas Magazine and Sky News. His latest book, "Digilogue: how to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow's customer" is available now and provides an invaluable insight into the consumer mindset of the 21st century.

His clients include Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, SAP, HP, Fuji Xerox, People's Choice Credit Union, Pernod Ricard (and more!). Anders is an active member of TEDGlobal and recently keynoted at TEDx, he has also served on the prestigious Million Dollar Roundtable roster. His presentations are meticulously researched, highly energetic and always fascinating with content tailored to the audience.

Anders appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International


Lisa McInnes Smith is Queen of the corporate stage and a master of audience participation. Along her incredible journey, Lisa has presented to more than one million adults across twenty-two countries and authored seven best-selling books.

Lisa is also the first person outside of the USA to ever be inducted into the international Speaker Hall of Fame - the highest designation possible in the speaking world. This international recognition from clients and peers alike is due to her extraordinary gift to communicate, connect and transform.

Lisa's focus is what it takes to create a tangible shift - whether it be shifting an attitude, shifting direction, shifting behaviour or shifting outcomes. She also knows that people don't come to conferences just to learn; they also want to be truly engaged. Lisa has developed a unique process of teaching her principles. Her fast-paced keynote presentations take her audience on a journey, an unforgettable experience where they are challenged to embrace a new way of thinking about, and seeing, their current world. They are touched and inspired to grow.


Twenty-five years of commitment to her craft and her audiences have placed Lisa in the top echelon of corporate keynote speakers in this country. She is a true keynote specialist and a master of large audiences, her largest audience to date being 33,000 people packed into one auditorium!

Lisa has shared the stage with two American Presidents, one Vice President and a host of celebrity entertainers, including the late Ray Charles.

Lisa appears by arrangement with Claxton Speakers International

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Malcolm is one of Australia’s leading marketing practitioners, educators and authors. He’s published 6 marketing books and taught executives in 22 countries. He is an active copywriter and in 2019 his blog was named in the Top 3 worldwide by The Directory – the marketing industry magazine of new ideas.


Simon has been working in IT since 1997.  With a focus on customer service and business improvement Simon has helped many organisations through digital transformation.  Now at Wollondilly, one of Australia’s fastest growing councils,  Simon is improving efficiency, productivity and customer experience through the implementation of the very best available technology.